Leaflet drops to public houses along the canal route

Leaflet drops in public houses along the canal routeLouis at the The Packhorse, Bath was kind enough to let us leave our leaflets on the bar!

We’ve started distributing our leaflets in pubs along the route of the Coal Canal and making sure the bar staff and landlords know all about us. We’re keen for this relationship to be two-way and want you to do your bit to support them too.

A big thank you to all the pubs we have visited, it’s been a real pleasure and we will add more to the list as we get time. Please support your local pubs by visiting them. They would have been a large part of people’s lives when our canal was in use and it’s important that we support them and keep them alive.

The Packhorse, Bath

Seven Stars in Timsbury

The Wheatsheaf, Combe Hay

The Fox and Badger, Wellow

Tuckers Grave Inn and Campsite

The Hope and Anchor, Midford

The Wheelwrights Arms