Coal Canal Way

At the 2018 AGM, our Chairman Patrick Moss put in motion a fantastic idea of creating a circular walk “COAL CANAL WAY” that will go from Limpley Stoke alone the northern branch of the canal to the basins at Timsbury, across Paulton and join the southern branch that is now a cycle path. The path then goes through to Radstock and beyond past Wellow and joins back up to the northern branch at Midford.

We will be starting a campaign to get this recognised as a path for all to use and enjoy the incredible countryside and industrial heritage in our area…and of course to promote the Coal Canal to help us increase our membership and help us get to our main goal of full restoration.

Looking at the map below you will see that the canal follows the river cam for much of its course. There will be some extensions to the current rights of way that follow the canal, this will be done to follow the course of the canal as closely as possible.

You may also find this link useful, this is an external link to the Limestone link website 


We have had a meeting with BANES Council and they have given us the green light for the project. They have referred us to the highways department who will assist with the establishment of the path and negotiate any permissive rights of way that are required. It is our intention to aline the path with the canal as closely as possible and in time get it to run along the towpath in its entirety.

We have now produced our own guidebook to help you explore the CCW. This can be purchased from our online store.