This Location Map shows the historic route of both arms of the canal, it is followed by a slide show describing each section in greater detail. You can download a PDF copy of the maps from here.

  • Paulton to Camerton
    Paulton to Camerton
  • Camerton to Dunkerton
    Camerton to Dunkerton
  • Dunkerton to Combe Hay
    Dunkerton to Combe Hay
  • Combe Hay to Midford
    Combe Hay to Midford
  • Midford to Dundas Wharf
    Midford to Dundas Wharf
  • Radstock to Stoney Littleton
    Radstock to Stoney Littleton
  • Stoney Littleton to Wellow
    Stoney Littleton to Wellow
  • Wellow to Midford
    Wellow to Midford