Mike Baker comes forward with old photo of canal!

Mike Baker, a retired school teacher from Bath, photographed here with Martin Turner, SCCS Secretary, in front of Terminus Bridge at Paulton end of the coal canal.Mike took some photos of Combe Hay locks in the late 50's.

👨‍🏫 Mike Baker was a teacher at City of Bath Boys School, which later became Beechan Cliff Boys School, in Bath from 1959. He taught Geography and Maths for 42 years. It’s likely some of you will know him. He’s a bit of a local legend!

📷 Mike was interested in Geology and William Smith, the Father of Geology, who surveyed our canal before it was built. Mike took it upon himself the investigate our Coal Canal and photograph it in the late 1950’s.

📰 Mike then contacted us after we published an update article in the Mendip Times to say he had some old photos and would we like them? YES, WE WOULD! Roger our archivist was very pleased with the new discovery and it turns out to be the oldest photograph we are now in possession of for the locks.

📅 Mike visited us in September with his son Dan and had a brief tour of the Paulton end of the canal. He had many stories to share and it was a lovely meet him. We hope to keep in touch. 😁

You can see the photograph here.

If you have any old photographs of the coal canal that you think would be of interest to us, please get in touch with Roger our Archivist via email – archive@coalcanal.org.uk.